More than 1,600 promises of sale registered during July 2020

According to data held by the Malta Developers Association, MDA, July was the best month in the past years when it comes to the number of promises of sales made on property.

Preliminary data shows that more than 1,600 promises of sale were registered last month, with a total value exceeding €330 million. This puts July 2020 as one of the best months since 2017.

In a statement issued on Wednesday the MDA said it welcomed the positive results and said that these results are tangible proof that its proposals are helping the economic recovery. However, it also stated that caution needs to be exerted when it comes to;

  • the need for continued vigilance against the further spread of the COVID-19 virus and by ensuring that timely and balanced measures are taken
  • the importance of making well-informed decisions and this can only happen if government works closer to and listens to all stakeholders and also to the concerns of the general public
  • the importance of creating the proper stimulus for all economic sectors based on initiatives with very low-risk health repercussions
  • the importance of continuous monitoring and spread analysis of the COVID-19

The Malta Developers Association said that it is very worried about the way the second wave is being handled and called for better co-ordinated efforts by government and increased efforts by everyone to make sure that the country emerges stronger.