“More foster families needed”

A spokesperson for the National Foster Care Association Malta (NFCAM) told Newsbook.com.mt that more foster families are needed.

This was said by John Rolè, a person who has long been fighting for the foster care system in Malta. Fostering is the process of bringing up a child that is not one’s own by birth for a period of time, as the parents are unable to do so for some reason or another. Once the parents get back on their feet, the child is restored to their family.

Rolè told Newsbook.com.mt that before a child is sent off to a foster family, any and all problems are considered. For example, if the child has been sexually abused, they require tender care. Furthermore, siblings are not separated.

How do you become a foster parent?

  1. Contact Social Welfare via the Fostering Team.
  2. The Fostering Team will visit the home to explain fully, and evaluate the family.
  3. Given good intentions, the family must attend 9 hours of classes, spread across 3 classes.
  4. Then, the family is formally assessed, and a report is presented to the fostering board.
  5. As soon as the family is approved, children may be fostered by them. Each foster parent and child are assigned a respective social worker so as to aid both of them.

Rolè further explained that families are supported through further classes, phone calls, and meetings.