Moody’s affirms A3 Positive rating for Malta – Ministry

A Government press release said that the international agency, Moody’s Investor Services, is satisfied with Malta’s progress of debt deduction, affirming an A3 Rating for Malta with a positive outlook.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Finance explained that the Moody’s report praised also the public sector’s progress and the prospects for further fiscal consolidation. The agency is thinking of upgrading the rating to A2 if the economy is continuously strengthened.

According to the Ministry, the report states that Malta’s institutional strength is high and reflects the development of policies, institutions and policies for public sector entities.

The report seems to acknowledge that the surplus is expected to be increased by 2.5% in 2018 and 2019, which will continue to support a decrease in the country’s debt.

The report by Moody’s was not made available to