Money set aside for cancelled Ħamrun feast donated to Dar tal-Providenza

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

With the popular St Cajetan feast in Ħamrun – which was to be celebrated today – cancelled, the town’s two band clubs have opted to make good use of money they would have spent on the occasion by donating it to the Dar tal-Providenza.

In a joint statement, the St Cajetan and St Joseph band clubs said that they had agreed to contribute an equal amount to the Siġġiewi home for persons with disability, setting aside a portion of the funds they would have utilised in their celebrations.

Since St Cajetan is acclaimed as the father of providence – the religious order he founded, popularly known as the Theatines, are officially known as the Congregation of Clerics Regular of the Divine Providence – the band clubs felt that a donation to the Dar tal-Providenza was particularly fitting.

The two band clubs said that while they believed that charity should generally be made privately, they hoped that by publicising their donation, they would inspire other band clubs across the country to make a similar gesture.