‘Money made out of beauty’s destruction is cursed’ – Archbishop

Archbishop Scicluna said that money made out of the destruction of beauty is cursed money, while appealing to development stakeholders to think twice and “at least insist on our landscapes”. This on the occasion of a book launch for the Mdina Metropolitan Chapter’s The Apostolato of the Order of St John at the Cathedral of Malta.

Mgr Scicluna asked if we will find people who are brave and generous enough to be able to redeem our cultural, environmental and architectural heritage so it is not all sacrificed to the greed of a machine that only cares about money-making. He said that he hopes that the Maltese people, especially the younger generations, remain attached to our extraordinary heritage.

Speaking of the “architectural destruction of Valletta” to make a comparative pittance, the Archbishop said that any money that comes out of the destruction of beauty is cursed. He also appealed in general to anyone listening to him who happens to be a stakeholder in the destruction of beauty for profit to “Think about it, say no, and at least insist on our landscapes.”