Mizzi and Schembri should be hiding in shame – Moviment Graffitti

Moviment Graffitti said that Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi and the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri should be hiding in shame and described their denials of wrongdoing as “pathetic”, as the NGO called on their resignations on Sunday. The activist group said that their resignation should be obvious and immediate. Moviment Graffitti said that all the deals which Mizzi and Schembri were involved in should be seriously investigated.

In a statement the NGO said that the two public officials’ position became untenable in 2016 when they were found to have offshore companies in Panama. It has since then emerged that there were plans to receive money from a Dubai-based offshore company which belongs to Yorgen Fenech, the Director of Electrogas and the CEO of Tumas Group. Graffitti reminded that Malta’s power-generation was privatized under the watch of then Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi.

Moviment Graffitti further argued that while it was fair to demand thorough investigation process to ascertain criminal responsibilities, political responsibilities should be shouldered immediately. The NGO noted how these individuals were involved in a string of shady privatization deals such as the transfer of the ITS site to the db Group and the privatization of hospitals.

The activists lambasted the economic and political model saying that the business class gained disproportionate power and influence, to the point where politics was primarily serving a network made up of the rich and the powerful over the people.