‘Mitigation measures are a joke’; MUT reacts on revised MASTEC syllabi


Following the publication of the ‘revised’ syllabi from MATSEC, it is evident that MATSEC is forging ahead with old syllabi without taking any considerations of the present situation, said the Malta Union of Teachers, MUT, as it has issued its reaction on the revised MATSEC syllabi.

MUT said that the MATSEC syllabi determine what happens in secondary schools and has described the mitigation measures ‘as a joke.’

The union also said that this shall effectively mean that the mitigation measures being planned for the next scholastic year cannot be implemented effectively and has expressed its position on the MATSEC syllabi stating once again that is out of touch with schools and is clearly in a ’bubble’ of its own.

School reopening measures

Last week the government announced the mitigation measures which will be implemented in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, once schools re-open in the coming days. Students are set to be segregated in ‘bubbles’ and those aged 3 and up will need to stock up on face masks in a bid to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 when schools reopen at the end of the month.

Only children aged less than three are to be exempted from wearing face masks, with those aged 3-11 having to wear them in communal areas. Older students, as well as teachers, are to wear their masks at all times.

But to minimise the risk of transmission students are also to be segregated in bubbles: small groups which will study and enjoy breaks together whilst keeping their distance from others. Smaller class sizes are being sought, with desks kept 1.5m apart.

Body temperatures are to be checked on entry, and any students caught running a fever will be sent to a sick bay, and their parents or legal guardians asked to take them home.