Miriam Pace’s blood on Government’s hands – PN

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The security of persons who live close to construction sites are the Government’s responsibility, particularly that of Ian Borg. This was said in a statement by the Opposition, in which it also demanded a public inquiry to establish what led to Miriam Pace’s tragedy, to verify whether any laws were breached and to see how this tragedy could have been avoided.

The opposition pointed out to similar cases in the past which should have acted as lessons to prevent this case from happening. Instead, the Government ignored the signals despite its duty to ensure the necessary protection of properties that are located next to construction sites.

According to the Opposition, Abela was not convincing in his declaration about the reform that he intends to carry out in relation to construction; his declaration in fact, did not give anyone any peace of mind, particularly to those who live close to construction sites.

The statement by the Opposition further alerted the Government that serious laws are not enforced after tragedies take place but beforehand so that such tragedies are strictly prevented.

The Opposition reiterated that the Government should shoulder the responsibility for the present situation. In particular, Ian Borg, should be held accountable since he was responsible for the reform and the amendment of laws about avoiding the damage of third parties’ properties; a reform which has clearly failed.

Therefore the Opposition underscored the need for a public inquiry to unearth what has led to this tragedy and how it could have been avoided.