Miriam Pace ‘killed by a system which failed’ – Delia

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Miriam Pace was the victim of a system which was built to defend the powerful at the expense of the weak, Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia said in Parliament this afternoon.

In light of yesterday’s tragedy, which saw Pace killed when her Ħamrun home collapsed due to adjacent construction works, Parliament agreed to do away with its agenda for the day. Instead, it was agreed that Delia and Prime Minister Robert Abela would make statements on the matter, with the House adjourning early as a sign of respect.

Delia insisted that Pace was killed by a system which failed, stating that MPs “were the representatives of a country that is saddened and angered, that is fed up, that feels small and insignificant against those who can act with impunity.”

The PN leader lamented that governance had collapsed across the board, and that laws and regulations were weakened with the excuse of promoting economic growth. The system, he said, also made it easy for people to shift the blame elsewhere.

“Miriam is the victim of a system that made money god, that made it the bottom line of our politics, that stripped human life of all value.”

Ties with big business need to be severed

Delia insisted that Pace’s death highlighted that the ties between politicians and big business needed to be severed, and insisted that the state financing of political parties had to be introduced to make this happen. He also said that the recommendations made by the Chamber of Architects should be implemented, proposing the establishment of a joint parliamentary committee to bring this about properly.

Furthermore, Delia argued, there was the need to ensure that Malta’s institutions were free from control by the government of the day.

“Miriam paid the highest price, but she is not the first victim of authorities that have lost their teeth. The collapse of institutions has been leaving victims across society.”