Miriam Dalli is the first Maltese politician among Politico 28

Office of MEP Miriam Dalli

Maltese MEP Miriam Dalli is the first Maltese politician to be featured in the Politico 28 Class of 2019. Described as “The Eco-Warrior”, Dr Dalli was celebrated for her tenacity in negotiating strict emissions targets and building alliances past adversity and heavy opposition.

“I am truly happy and satisfied to have been chosen among the nine persons considered to be doers and set to influence Europe next year. My political work is my opportunity to make a positive difference and put Malta’s name on the forefront,” said the MEP in a statement in reaction to the accolade.

Every year, Politico compiles a list of 28 people who will shape Europe in the year ahead. This year, the categories in which the chosen 28 were placed are ‘the doers’, ‘the dreamers’, and ‘the disruptors’. Dr Dalli was chosen because of her invaluable role in pushing for a more green agenda.

Fierce opposition from both the European People’s Party, the European Parliament’s largest political group, as well as from the German automotive industry has not deterred the MEP from pushing for what her opponents have called “aggressive” proposals.

Dr Dalli said that, “The negotiations to have a strong law in favour of the environment are tough but it also means that what we are working for is leaving a strong impact.” She also added that her work is not only to represent the people of Malta and Gozo, “but also to put my country on the forefront.”