Miriam Dalli advocates for more trees

Miriam Dalli stressed the importance of developing green spaces in Maltese localities, with more trees and gardens, for the sake of society’s health.

She said this during an activity with Birżebbuġa residents.

According to the MEP, it’s important to create green spaces wherever possible, even on the roofs of undergrounds parking areas or tunnels, so as to improve air quality.

Dalli insisted that there is potential for sustainable development in Birżebbuġa, especially since residents in these parts often feel that they withstand the effects of the most problematic developments.

She praised the Ministry for the Environment for their work, and mentioned that this year, 6000 trees have been planted. Yet, despite all this talk about having a better environment, this morning, in Marsa, more trees were uprooted which are at least 40 years old, without reason or justification.