“Ministry’s desparate attempt to cease directives” – UPE

Head Executive of the Union for Professional Educators (UPE) Graham Sansone said that the meeting held with the Department for Industrial and Employment Relationships (DIER) did not change their understanding of the directives in relation to teachers. Sansone remarked that the meeting was a desperate attempt to cease the directives ordered by the union by the Ministry for Education.

In the past few days the union instructed teachers suffering from any form of “injustice” not to attend meetings related to their subjects and not to accept any form of special duties. Another directive instructed teachers not to make photocopies at the Government’s Printing Press.

The Union stated that these directives were issued after several requests for a meeting with the Government fell on deaf ears. They said that the meeting they managed to set up with the Ministry of Education did not lead to a beneficial solution.

“Our Union is legally recognised”

The Union for Professional Educators (UPE – Voice of the Workers) in a press release said that although it is not the only union protecting teachers, it is legally recognised and therefore it holds the right to issue directives to its members and prospective members.

The press release was issued in response to the Governments statement that the Union for Professional Educators is breaching article 5 of the 2016 regulations, as it issued a collective directive. Article 5 states that no other union can intervene in issues related to workers, once there already is a Union which caters for the same group of workers.