Ministry cries foul play as rebate cheques are issued with mistakes

On Monday, Ivan Castillo, a Mellieħa Council candidate stated that some of the cheques that the Government is sending to taxpayers as a form of “rebate” have the wrong identity Card details and is asking the Government to investigate and rectify the situation. contacted the Ministry of Finance where a spokesperson insisted that the error could not be laid at the door of the department. The spokesperson said that the allegations are untrue and that some people are just trying to scupper the  initiative. He also said that it could be a mistake from the end receiver of the cheque who might have inputted the wrong digits when applying or has simply not advised the authorities that his details had changed and certainly not an error from the Department He excluded the possibility of a Departmental error.

I have just been informed that there are a number of mistakes in the tax refund Cheque being sent, were the ID card…

Posted by Ivan Castillo on Monday, September 3, 2018