Ministers discuss immigration crisis with French and Spanish ambassadors

Foreign Affairs Minister Evarist Bartolo and Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri met the French and Spanish Ambassadors in Malta to discuss Malta’s position with regards to incoming migrants after the Government took the decision this week to no longer allow ships with immigrants to disembark in Malta.

The Ministers explained how Covid-19 has created unprecedented challenges for Maltese resources, particularly with regards to the health sector and law enforcement. A press release issued by both ministries states that the resources and space in the migrant centres are limited, and taking in more migrants would put the work being done in these centres in danger.

The Spanish Ambassador said that even Spain has closed its ports and no foreigners are being allowed to enter.

The Maltese Ministers explained that the current instability in Libya and the coronavirus outbreak in the country are helping human traffickers in their illegal endeavours. According to them, the European Union should step in and not allow human traffickers to continue what they are doing.

Minister Evarist Bartolo also spoke with the EU Head of Foreign Policies Josep Borrell, and told him that if Libya is not given a helping hand, human traffickers will keep putting people’s lives at risk.