Minister Scicluna presents the Pre-Budget Document 2020

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna presented the Pre-Budget Document 2020 on Tuesday.

During a press conference in Valletta, Scicluna said that the government is presenting a concise reflection of country’s economic and competitive progress. The document also touches on economic gains distribution as in his words economic growth needs to be inclusive.

Minister Scicluna also said that economic growth is going from strength to strength, as are future projections. He said that expansion will start falling to a more moderate 5 or 6% in 2020. Currently, the Maltese economic growth is registered at 7%.

He also referred to the increase in the percentage of the population that is currently in gainful employment. The Minister added that the most significant growth was registered with the female gender which saw a substantial increase.

Touching on economic gains distribution, Scicluna said that even though the local media published reports on poverty, one also needs to consider that Malta in comparison to the rest of the EU states. He said that when one looks at the whole picture, Malta has managed to reduce poverty numbers to 19% whilst the EU median is 22%.

When discussing tertiary education, Minister Scicluna said that Malta is amongst those countries that have progressed the most in the past 10 years. He added that the life expectancy in Malta is also at an excellent level but there is still a very wide gender gap.