Minister respects Alfred Sant’s assertion that police chief selection method a ‘charade’

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri said that he respected the opinion of former Prime Minister and Labour Party leader Alfred Sant, who described the government’s proposed method of appointing a new police commissioner as a “charade” that “does not make sense.”

Writing on his blog on The Malta Independent, Sant said that the proposed method may have been understandable in a bigger country, where regional police chiefs would be vying for the top post, but argued that it did not make sense for Malta.

During question time in today’s parliamentary sitting, Camilleri was asked to comment on Sant’s assertion by the Nationalist Party’s home affairs spokesman, Beppe Fenech Adami.

Camilleri confirmed his disagreement with the former PM, but insisted that he respected his opinion.

He also noted that in his blog, Sant had brought up police reforms he had tried to launch during his short term as Prime Minister, and argued that the abandonment of these planned reforms helped bring about the force’s present problems