Minister insists reopening of schools crucial

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Education Minister Owen Bonnici has confirmed that the guidelines governing the reopening of schools next month are set to be published on Friday, with the minister insisting that children could not afford to miss out on schools any longer.

Bonnici said that the guidelines were being finalised, and that their publication would take place after consultation with stakeholders. One of these stakeholders, the Malta Union of Teachers, had expressed concern about the government’s apparent attempts to rush the process through, insisting that proper consultation was necessary.

The minister argued that the sense of community inherent to schools was a crucial part of children’s education, and insisted that all sides involved should work together in favour of the reopening of schools.

But his declarations did not impress the Nationalist Party, which claimed that his incompetence was leading to great uncertainty and panic. It said that the government’s failure to complete its guidelines just a month before the planned reopening of schools was unacceptable, as was the lack of consultation so far.

In its own statement to the press, however, the Education Ministry insisted that the country should pull the same rope on the matter and cast partisan politics aside to make the reopening of schools possible.

“In this context, the government appeals to the opposition to act with maturity on a subject as sensitive and delicate as education,” it said.

The ministry said that it was crucial for children to return to schools, and said that it had been working on the eventual reopening of schools since last April.

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