Watch: Govt limiting size of mass events to ensure social distancing

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Il-Ministru għas-Saħħa jindirizza konferenza tal-aħbarijietAktar dettalji:

Posted by on Thursday, July 30, 2020

As of tomorrow morning, health and safety directives regarding social distancing during events are to be implemented.

This was announced by the Minister for Health Chris Fearne who stated that mass events will be held only with directives in place.

These directives are that there must be no more than one person per every 4 square meters, and groups must not be more than 10 people. These 10 people must stick together without mixing with others. Furthermore, the responsibility for enforcing these directives falls on the organisers.

He added that for venues that can hold more than 100 persons, organisers must now also conduct a risk assessment that must be forwarded to the health authorities.Furthermore, all those who attend mass events must now leave a contact number for contact tracing.

These guidelines apply also to any sort of activity, including weddings, in that guests cannot be in groups of more than 10, while being socially distant from other groups.

Fearne went on to say that no permissions for feast marches will be granted, in agreement with the Archbishop’s Curia.

The guidelines are enforceable by law. Should the risk assessment prove satisfying, permission is granted. If permission to hold the mass event is granted, inspectors will be on site ensuring that the organisers are shouldering their responsibility in keeping groups socially distant.

On her end, the Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci said the medical condition of the COVID-19 patients is good. One person is being treated at Mater Dei Hospital, four at Boffa Hospital and two at St Thomas Hospital. 

Immigrants to be included in official tally

Minister Fearne stated that contact with the European Union has been made in order to ask whether sick immigrants are to be included in the country’s totals. Over the past few days, they have been excluded from the official tally being uploaded on the Facebook page.

He explained that an answer has only come in today, and as of tomorrow, sick immigrants will be included in the official tally.