Mikiel Anton Vassalli College takes part in EnlargeSEAS

EnlargeSEAS aims to extend to new countries the network of schools implementing and sharing Successful Educational Actions (SEAS) in Europe, a network initiated by the EnlargeSeas U-funded project.

These SEAS were analysed and identified by the INCLUD-ED project (funded by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme), as actions that increase academic results for all students, especially for those belonging to vulnerable groups, improving coexistence, family participation and social cohesion. Mikiel Anton Vassalli College had been an active partner for 2 years ago and several initiatives had been undertaken through: Interactive Groups, Dialogic Literary Gatherings and Educative participation of the community.

Head of College Network Victor Galea said “Through this project, which included training held in Gozo for the educators in a visual and performing arts education settings, we can already see evidence in the increase of the efficiency of learning in the sense that, students improve their performances while their academic expectations are raised, securing their continuation in their respective areas of studies. This project is increasing social cohesion, coexistence and the participation of the community in the educational activities which allows to give all students high quality learning opportunities.”

This content was supplied by Mikiel Anton Vassalli College