‘Let’s look at integration from a democratic perspective’ – Dr Francois Mifsud

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Migration: Does this affect your life positively or negatively?

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The concept of progress has been linked for many years to the progress our country can achieve economically or technologically but we cannot ignore the mental progress that can strengthen society and that this can be achieved through the integration of people with different nationality, beliefs, culture and different traditions, said Dr Francois Mifsud as he was interviewed by Prof. Andrew Azzopardi on 103 Malta’s Heart.

During the programme aired on Saturday morning Prof. Azzopardi discussed with his guests Jeremy Camilleri, Fabian Demicoli and Malcolm Seychel, the many challenges communities face due to migration. Detention expert Dr Sandra Scicluna and lecturer Dr Francois Mifsud have also participated in the discussion.

The educational process

Dr Francois Mifsud explained that integration is an educational process that involves the co-operation of the migrant and that of the community which the migrants forms part of. He continued to explain that this educational process does not involve one taking a particular course to understand integration but it means that every sector in society has the responsibility to address this educational process in relation to integration.

Integration from a democratic perspective

Dr Mifsud said he believes that if we see integration through nationalist ideology, it would be dangerous and could damage society. He further explained that he is not referring to the Nationalist Party in Malta when he mentions nationalism but to the ideology that integration should mean that to be part of the community one needs to adopt all that the particular local community believes in including learning the language.

“We need to look at integration from a democratic perspective as democracy needs oxygen based on diversity which protects freedom of expression,” said Dr Francois Mifsud and concluded by saying that if we manage to live by respecting others we would be able to see that migration/immigrants will not diminish who we are but will enhance our mental progress.