Migration conference flags Gov’s lacking planning

The Maltese Government’s idea of sustainability when it comes to issues arising from a lack of proper migration management was questioned this weekend during the conference, ‘Understanding and Managing Migration and the Impact on Societies’.

The conference was organised by the European Parliament Political Group ALDE’s think tank, the European Liberal Foundation (ELF) in collaboration with the Partit Demokratiku (PD). It was held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.

Discussions between liberal and far-right thinkers about migration’s effects on society shared a number of common views about the impacts on social-wellbeing, environment, and the economy. Malta’s Government was particularly questioned when it came to the “drive for a cosmopolitan society” at the expense of sustainability.

In a statement released by the PD, it was said both sides of the political spectrum agreed that “poorer nationals were now competing for living spaces with the foreign workforce”. There was also an agreement on the misconception of racism being fear of specific people’s, rather than a fear of the unknown, however, the sides could not agree on a multi-cultural society.

The Government was called upon to intervene and create a living wage, rather than a minimum wage because it is observably always the poor who have to fight for the jobs migrants are more inclined to get. Which in turn leads to employers paying lower wages because they can ultimately afford to, according to the statement.

The conference included speakers Dr Csaba Toth from the Elte Allam Hungarian University and Noelia Souque Caldato from the Andorra Liberal Party. Co-organisers were Jereon Dobber (ELF) and PD MEP candidate the retired Lt. Col. Martin Cauchi Inglott, who also moderated.