Migrants on one of the Captain Morgan vessels on hunger strike

Alarm Phone

Migrants onboard one of the Captain Morgan vessels have started a hunger strike and have also attempted suicide reported the NGO Alarm Phone.

On Twitter the humanitarian NGO wrote that the migrants’, which are being described as prisoners, are feeling more depressed, are suffering from increased anxiety and are losing hope apart from not having sufficient food and the required healthcare.

Alarm Phone said that the migrants onboard the Captain Morgan wanted them to raise their suffering in public as they are in a “deplorable situation”.

The NGO appealed to the Maltese and European Authorities to offer a safe port to the migrants and to be relocated where they want to be.

The Maltese government confirmed it is paying Captain Morgan €3,000 a day to host asylum seekers while refusing to let in 110 migrants who are still at sea and are waiting to enter a safe port.