Updated: Migrants rescued at sea, transferred to Malta

Credit: UNHCR Malta

The 11 migrants who were aboard the Nostra Madre di Loreto have arrived in Malta.

Image still from Proactiva Open Arms of the radio broadcast showing the announcement of the transfer of 11 migrants to Malta

AFM has told Newsbook.com.mt that the 11 migrants (9 males and 2 minors) were transferred to a Maltese patrol vessel earlier this morning and have now arrived at Haywharf docks.

It is understood that the migrants originate from Egypt, Niger, Senegal, Somalia and Sudan and have spent the last 9 days at sea.

The migrants are expected to be treated for sea-sickness, dehydration and conditions attributed to the bad weather.

Medical officers  from the police immigration unit are currently carrying out the medical screening. There is no knowledge of more major conditions at this time.


Newsbook.com.mt reported yesterday that a man who was airlifted to Malta yesterday is said to now be in a stable condition.

UNHCR response

The UN Refugee Agency has responded to the disembarkation of the 11 migrants on Malta.

Their press release reads,

‘UNHCR welcomes the decision of the Government of Malta to disembark on humanitarian grounds refugees and migrants rescued by the the fishing vessel Nuestra Madre de Loreto in the central Mediterranean. UNHCR commends the captain and crew of the fishing boat for rescuing these people. Saving lives should be a priority for everyone. We reiterate that Libya is not considered a safe port of disembarkation.’

Transfer to Spain

The Times of Malta is reporting that according to a government spokesperson, an agreement between the Maltese and Spanish governments, will see them transferred to Spain.

Oscar Camps Tweets

The founder of Proactiva Open Arms has been tweeting about the situation since it started.

His latest one shows the rescue in action.

‘Transferred to the Malta Coast Guard. dignity, humanity and loyalty. Too bad politicians are not men and women of the sea. We miss some fundamental principles.’