Migrants crisis: Italian ‘change of heart’ as 900 migrants arrive in Sicily

More than 900 migrants were allowed to land in Catania today after the Italian authorities gave the ship ‘Diciotti’ permission to berth,

This change of heart by the Italian Government came as the ‘Aquarius’ with 629 migrants is still on the way to Spain following a face-off between Italy and Malta.

However, it seems that the Italian Government will be accepting some who are seeking asylum while forcing the rest on other European member states.

‘Diciotti’s crew began disembarking passengers at the port of Catania early this morning.

At the same time, the SOS Mediterranee’s ship ‘Aquarius’ continued its three-day journey to Spain.

Italy’s attitude on this issue was met with strong criticism from other European countries. France accused Italy of behaving in a cynical and irresponsible manner.