Migrant shot and thrown in sea by Libyan Coastguard – Alarm Phone


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The NGO Alarm Phone said that a migrant was shot and thrown off a boat by the Libyan Coastguard.

In a series of Tweets, the NGO explained how at 4.52pm they received a call by someone in distress on a boat in the port of Tripoli. The person explained how around 65 immigrants onboard a boat were refusing to disembark in Tripoli. “We know they will put us in prison. The Libyans already shot a man and threw his body in the water,” the immigrant said to Alarm Phone.

Just two minutes later, at 4.54pm, a woman who was also on the same boat called screaming “oh my god, oh my god”. Alarm Phone explained that they could hear more people screaming in the background. Unfortunately, the line for this call broke.

Later, at 5.03pm, Alarm Phone received yet another call from a relative who explained that there were around 60 people onboard, including several women and children. The boat had departed Libya on Thursday.

In the series of tweets, Alarm Phone expressed that it is relaying these testimonies from Libya as the violence against migrants tends to be hidden away and silenced. It went on to say that they can only hope that the person shot survived. It also said that it hopes that the thousands that are being prevented from crossing the sea manage to find safety.

“We hope the Mediterranean will turn into something other than a graveyard,” said the NGO.

The news of the shot migrant was later confirmed by a UNHCR spokesperson to international media. It said that a Sudanese man was killed in similar circumstances last weekend.