Michelangelo: paper, stone & flesh


Michelangelo was grumpy, dirty, ugly and tight-fisted but produced sculpture, painting and architecture of such startling beauty and originality that two biographies were written in his lifetime.

ASinMalta (The Arts Society in Malta), which is affiliated with The Arts Society, is organising a lecture which examines the drawings, some poetry and a number of finished and unfinished works of this talented yet tempestuous superstar, with the aim of all but summoning the great man to the room.

Lecturer Daniel Evans is an educationalist with a passion for all things Italian. He is a Housemaster at Cheltenham College and was Head of History of Art at Wycombe Abbey School. He has been lecturing since 2001, and as a senior lecturer, tutor and tour guide for Art History Abroad.

This ‘live’ online lecture starts at 6.30 pm. If interested you may register by contacting Nicole Stilon at membership.secretary.asinmalta@theartssociety.org. Access link to click onto the lecture via Zoom will be sent shortly before the lecture.