Mġarr residents petition against solar park project

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

People from Mġarr are opposing a project in the locality. The locals are disputing the development of a solar park. The project would require a spread of land the size of 7-football pitches. The project is being contested by the Opposition too.

Mġarr residents started a petition against the project (PA/05313/20) planned in the area known as Tar-Ragħad, in Triq il-Banjijiet Rumani. The project consists of greenhouses and a solar park And will require 43,303 meters squared of land.

The residents are saying that the project will ruin the local rural scenery. Moreover, it will leave irreparable damage to the local eco-system.

The Mġarr local council said that they have concerns about the project. The council is seeking technical advice to safeguard the localities interest.

Opposition spokesperson for Agriculture Edwin Vassallo said, that we cannot keep justifying takeover of land for the sake of development. The PN Member of Parliament said that Malta cannot allow the further loss of agricultural land.

Over 900 people signed the petition already. The petition can be signed at the following link.

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