MFSA warns against a fraudulent company

The Malta Authority for Financial Services (MFSA) warned that the company Mutual Real Estate Fund, which is now called 21 Solstice, is using the details of a genuine company for fraudulent purposes.

MFSA explained in a statement that this website is making use of a company licensed by the MFSA, 21 Solstice Funds Sicav P.L.C. It warned that this is likely to be a scheme of a dubious nature with a great likelihood of loss of money for investors. The authority warned that this is neither a company registered in Malta nor authorised to provide financial services in Malta or to any other foreign country. Furthermore, Mutual Real Estate Fund has no real links with 21 Solstice Funds Sicav P.L.C.

According to this Authority, the website of this “company” seems to be a copy of a legal entity’s website. It further added that the public should not enter into any business or enter into any transaction with this fraudulent company.

MFSA advised those who fell victims of a cryptocurrency scam or any other type of financial scam to terminate any transaction with the entity at once and to contact MFSA as soon as they detect anything suspicious dealings.