MFSA issues warnings on unlicensed exchange and a clone


The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has issued warnings about an unlicensed exchange, as well as a clone company.

Unlicensed exchange

Paramount FX Trade (PFXT Ltd) claims to be “a regulated broker by the MFSA over 7 years” and “a market maker for CFD and Spot FX Contracts”. However, this website is making unauthorised use and reference to the registered address and other company details of a Maltese licensed company.

PFXT Ltd is not a Maltese registered company nor licenced or otherwise authorised by the MFSA to provide the service of an exchange or other financial services which are required to be licenced or otherwise authorised under Maltese law.

Clone company

The second warning concerns Mistral Trading. This website is using the details of a Maltese Registered Company, Mistral Trading Limited (C 85815), which is a shipping company and does not offer financial services. Fraudsters are using the details of this genuine company in an effort to deceive the public. Therefore, it is a clone.

The Authority would like to alert the public that this website is not a Maltese registered company nor is it authorised to provide any financial services in or from Malta. Additionally, the MFSA confirms that it has no relation to the Maltese registered company Mistral Trading Limited (C 85815).

Maltese Registered EntityClone
Mistral Trading Limited Mistral Trading Ltd
C 85815C 85815
147/1 St Lucia Street, Valletta147/1 St Lucia Street, Valletta
Maltese registered company providing shipping services. Not registered in Malta.
Not licensed to provide financial services.