MFSA employees to reduce plastic cup usage by 50,000

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The management and employees of the Malta Financial Services Authority continued their commitment towards environmentally friendly practices, with the Think Green initiative in which they use glass instead of plastic cups, amongst other green initiatives.

Following several EU-financed structural changes, including the installation of 168 photovoltaic panels on the roof, they started generating 10% of the total energy consumed. Chillers were also installed which incur less energy together with LED lighting and technological equipment such as computers and printers which consume less. MFSA employees are also using recycled paper for printing documents.

The Think Green initiative includes major changes, including the separation of waste. Furthermore, MFSA employees were using glass cups to reduce the usage of more plastic cups. This will lead to a sharp decrease of 50,000 plastic cup a year.

MFSA will continue to pursue greener initiatives to reduce the ecological impact and help develop a more robust and productive workplace.