MFSA and FIAU investigating Maduro’s connection

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is collaborating with the FIAU’s investigations on the Maltese companies implicated in laundering funds connected to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s relatives.

The Malta Independent on Sunday, who had broken out this news, wrote that the MFSA confirmed with them that they are taking the matter very seriously and that they are collaborating with the FIAU and other national and international authorities.

The Malta Today revealed that the company in question is a Portmann Capital Management Limited. When they contacted Portmann they were told the firm is being implicated.

The Times of Malta say that the Maltese company in question has been under FIAU investigation for a number of months.

American investigations within Operation “Money Flight” concluded that in 2015 Amparan used a Maltese company to transfer a little over 500 million from Petroleos de Venezuela to a number of its top dogs.

The funds transferred between 20154 and 2015 amount to almost 1 billion euro.