Court messengers deny tampering Court files

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Two Court messengers charged with the attempted theft of a Court file were arraigned in Court earlier today.

Magistrate Joe Mifsud heard how they are accused of attempting to steal and alter Court documents and evidence of an ongoing Court case.

The Prosecution said that on the 27th of April, the Court contacted the Police to report an attempt of theft of the open case file. An inquiry was opened about a missing file.

The investigation revealed that one of the messengers had collected the files that were to be given to Magistrate Neville Camilleri, but instead handed one of the files to the other messenger who then placed it in a locked drawer in a room in Court, according to security footage.

The second messenger said that he found the other outside Courtroom 11 and asked him to keep the file. The second messenger stated that he did not question this since it is not the first time that he has asked him to hold a file.

Among the witnesses, mobile telephony expert Martin Bajada said that the men did not contact the accused of the said file’s court case directly but through a third person.