Merchant ship rescues migrants off Libya; NGO fears return to hell?


A merchant ship has reportedly rescued migrants that were aboard a sinking boat, 60 miles off the Libyan coast.

The Twitter account ‘Alarm Phone’, which raises the alarm about migrants in distress, announced that they had been informed by the Italian Coastguard that the migrants had been taken aboard a merchant vessel.

In addition to announcing the rescue, they also raised their concerns that the boat appeared to be turning back towards Libya with the disembarkation possibly taking place in Misrata, Libya.

The NGO said such an action would be a violation of international law and would be returning people to a place of danger.

Alarm Phone, had originally announced the news of the boat in distress on Sunday and stated that the vessel was not assisted until 24 hours after.

They also state that the Rescue Coordination Centre Italy had encouraged the NGO is contact Malta who also informed them to coordinate with the Libyan authorities, the JCC.

They state that they tried 7 contact numbers supplied for the Libyan Coastguard, none of which worked.