MEPs vote to reform the European Food Safety Authority


A new proposal which was just voted on in the European Parliament (EP) aims to make the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) more transparent and reliable. MEPs are requesting the publishing of safety studies before products are authorised to go on the market.

The proposal, which passed with 427 votes in favour, 172 against, and 67 abstentions, wants to ensure that “studies used by EFSA to authorise a product be put on the market are reliable, objective and independent.” In a statement by the EP, new pre-submission procedures will also allow for a speedier process, by allowing EFSA to give advice to applicants.

Meanwhile, the addition of a common European Register would be set up for commissioned studies, which should serve as a deterrent to hiding “unfavourable studies”. If there are any doubts on the validity of studies, the Authority will also be able to consult third parties for further studies.  A set of criteria was also set up determining what information is to be kept confidential.