MEPs urge member states to coordinate their Covid-19 responses

EU member states should seek to use a common definition for a positive Covid-19 case, for what constitutes a death by Covid-19 and what constitutes a recovery from infection, MEPs have agreed.

In a resolution adopted by 595 votes in favour, 50 against and 41 abstentions, MEPs expressed concern about the recent increase in positive Covid-19 cases across Europe, and lamented that member states have not learned lessons from the start of the crisis as they had, yet again, embarked on different and uncoordinated measures in a bid to contain the spread of the virus.

The European Parliament is thus urging member states to adopt common definitions on Covid-19 and to mutually recognise each other’s test results. The resolution also insisted that disproportionate waiting times for tests should be cut and that a common quarantine period should be established across the EU.

Additionally, MEPs agreed with the European Commission that any travel restrictions should be coordinated, and that discussions should be held on how to return to a fully-functioning Schengen area as quickly as possible.