MEP’s proposals for SME trading online, adopted at EU

Proposals for SMEs, made by MEP Francis Zammit Dimech, have been endorsed by the European Parliament’s Committee for Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO).

The MEP had tabled regulations which promoted fairness and transparency for SME’s using online platforms to sell products and services, searchable by consumers.

The measures mean small SMEs would receive better information on how to trade online. Dimech explained that his proposals were drawn from the perspectives of different stakeholders; including the Malta Business Bureau and from the hospitality sector.

“Online platforms and search engines are crucial for entrepreneurship and trade. They open access to new markets and commercial opportunities for businesses and SMEs. They also provide consumers with benefits by increasing their choice of goods and offer competitive prices online. This is why regulating this sector and ensuring transparency and fairness is crucial and why this vote is a step forward for businesses and consumers”, the MEP said, following the uptake of his proposals.

Speaking to the ARISE Tourism Conference earlier today, he added that, “This is data that concerns the sector and which is vital to study in order to provide customers with a better service and to improve targeted marketing. Data is considered as the new oil and that is why I have supported SMEs in their argument asking for such data to be made available to them. Of course, measures have been taken to ensure that data protection of EU citizens is also respected”