MEP calls on EC to address travel cancellations

Alex AGIUS SALIBA in the EP in Strasbourg

MEP Alex Agius Saliba presses the European Commission to address current travel cancellation policy due to the coronavirus.

The Labour MEP urged the Commission to address measures related to travel cancellations policies, particularly to compensate European consumers for any financial losses.

The fast spread of the coronavirus is resulting in suspended flights and cancellations of upcoming trips. In view of this widespread disruption, MEP Alex Saliba stated that travellers are confused “over whether they can expect insurance compensation for the cancelled trips.” MEP Agius Saliba said that despite the policies of travel agencies, “it seems that most travel insurance policies simply do not account for scenarios such as this.”

Therefore, the Commission was pressed to adopt measures related to travel cancellations policies so that every European consumer can put his mind at rest that any financial loss is compensated for and that no costs are incurred for any cancelled flight.

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