“Mental health is just as important; 24/7 service needed” – PN

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Nationalist Party (PN) is proposing that there be a Crisis Intervention Unit for mental health that is accessible 24/7.

Member of the PN Mario Galea thanked Professor Charmaine Gauci and her team, while saying that it has been an honour to work alongside them during the Swine Flu period. He also said that everyone has a personal responsibility to stop the virus from spreading.

In particular, he discussed measures to safeguard mental health. He said that experts are estimating a higher suicide rate. Galea said that the mind is as important as the body, which is why there should be access to better one’s metal health 24/7. He concluded that therefore, there should be a Crisis Intervention Team.

Another member of the PN Stephen Spiteri said that the airport’s lockdown came too late. This is particularly since amongst today’s cases, there were still some that were imported.

During the conference, the party said that the Government must be pre-prepared and not have to manage a crisis. Therefore, doctors, nurses and all health workers must be protected and trained.

Maria Deguara, another member of the party, said that doctors have been left floundering without a plan.

They concluded the press conference with an appeal for everyone to follow health directives, and to uphold personal hygiene standards.

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