Men arrested in connection with mafia revenge beating in Malta


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

An Italian businessman based in Malta was brutally beaten up in January, after three members of the ‘Ndrangheta who operate in a suburb of Milan, arrived in Malta to collect some €2,900. The victim, Giovanni D’Alessandro owed the money to two of the three individuals who turned up in Malta for works they had carried out for his construction company when he employed them off the books.

D’Alessandro who resides in Marsaskala and owns a construction company, was hospitalized after he was left bleeding, with broken ribs and smashed teeth.

The arrests happened at the beginning of September.

Two brothers Giuseppe and Michele di Novara, along with Giovanni Lillo were accused of brutally attacking D’Alessandro.

The brothers were employed illegally on construction sites owned by D’Alessandro between November 2019 and January 2020.

Di Novara traveled to Malta on 25 January on an Air Malta flight from Linate Airport, Milan. The flight tickets to and from Malta were booked by Francesca Rispoli, known as Chicca, and Lillo’s partner.

Rispoli, 31, is the daughter of jailed mafia boss Vincenzo Rispoli while Giuseppe di Novara is married to Vincenzo’s sister.

The phone intercepts by the anti-mafia prosecutors shed light on the brutal attack. Conversations between perpetrators and their relatives were recorded in which the perpetrators bragged about the extent of violence.

The Italian daily Il Giorno which published excerpts of the conversation between Francesca Rispoli and her partner, shows that the former asked the three members to return to Italy with the money. Lillo on the other hand told her not to worry and if the victim does not pay up he would receive a good beating.

In another conversation Lillo gave Rispoli the details about the attack saying that ‘there was blood’ and ‘teeth on the floor’.