The public should stick to official channels of information – Chamber of Commerce

Miguela Xuereb

As schools have been gradually reopening their doors throughout this week, and students have been finding their places in their new educational lives, The Malta Chamber of Commerce, noted how both educators, as well as students and their parents, have been professional in most cases.

In a statement issued on Friday, the Malta Chamber called for good sense to prevail at all times and said that all parties involved should refrain from succumbing to hearsay and rumours which are irresponsibly bandied about on social media.

Th Chamber referred to the statement by the Malta Union of Teachers, MUT, which on Thursday has raised its concerns with the Ministry for Home Affairs, Law Enforcement and National Security, Ministry for Health and Ministry for Education and Employment stating that false information being issued regarding COVID-19 cases in schools is creating chaos.

MUT also requested government to stop this speculation and to take the necessary actions to safeguard the interest of educators, students and families who have the right to attend schools without fear.

The Chamber encouraged the public to stick to official channels of information for their news and updates, as often relying on unofficial sources leads to confusion which is not beneficial to anyone in the equation.

“Cycles of infection and recovery, which will undoubtedly be experienced in schools, in the same way as anywhere else in society, are to be managed with the appropriately designed protocols. This is a new reality,” stated the Malta Chamber.