Mellieħa sectional committee clarifies letter, ‘assume collective responsibility’


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Mellieħa’s PN sectional committee explained that it sent a letter to all Nationalists MPs and urged them to assume “collective responsibility” for the electoral results and find solutions to help the party move forward, in a statement on Saturday.

The sectional committee issued the statement after what was reported earlier which gave the impression that they ‘asked the leadership to assume responsibility or resign’, which was not the case, it said.

In a letter signed by committee secretary Emvin Bartolo, the Mellieħa sectional committee noted that it would have never imagined that the party with its 140-year history would be in such a “terrible mess”.

It further noted that collective responsibility had to be shouldered and all action must be taken, however difficult, before a “total collapse” materialised.

The Mellieħa sectional committee said that the solutions had to be found within the party’s four walls, away from social media, in an honest and sincere way.

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