Mediterranean Bishops to meet about migration crisis

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

“Talk less, act more” is the defining statement of the Mediterranean Bishops’ meeting to be held between 18th and 23rd February of 2020.  This meeting, described also as a synod, is to outline solutions to the migration crisis.

According to a report by media outlet La Croix, this is an objective clearly pinpointed by the President of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti. He stated that the meeting, entitled “Mediterranean, border of peace”, is to focus on the human and evangelical values that make up society.

Cardinal Bassetti announced that Pope Francis himself would conclude the event. Since 2013, the Pope has repeatedly called for the reception of migrants. Bishops of other countries concerned have also called for peace and equality.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna dined with around 100 individuals, members of the migrant community and representatives of Malta’s Police and Armed Forces. During this Good Neighbourhood Dinner hosted by himself at the Curia in Floriana, Archbishop Scicluna stressed that the dinner was to make ‘a statement that we are all human beings.’

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Bishop Elect Joseph Galea-Curmi has previously stated that the hostile attitude to migrants is, more often than not, the result of a lack of reflection on the traumas that these people went through. He went on to say that he feels no discernible malaise arising out of the number of immigrants residing in his hometown, Balzan.

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Gozo’s Bishop Mario Grech called on the members of the Armed Forces of Malta to take courage and stand up for justice and for what is right. Mgr. Grech stressed that the members of the AFM administer security and freedom to peoples, as they face evil and free those threatened by it. Often, the AFM is on site in precarious situations, keeping law and order, guarding against criminality and guaranteeing security.

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