MeDirect Masterclass webinar discusses COVID-19 and the financial markets

The current financial markets’ environment and the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic on investment decisions were the topics of an insightful and interactive medirectalk Masterclass session organised recently by MeDirect Bank together with leading fund house Franklin Templeton.

This was the first medirectalk of its kind to be held online, given the current situation and the necessary social distancing requirements. Past events were held in a typical seminar set-up, with investors and members of the public attending the event, whilst the proceedings were broadcast on Facebook Live.

medirectalk is a series of seminars organised by MeDirect featuring several financial experts and asset managers sharing their views on market and investment opportunities.

Well-known speakers

Last week’s medirectalk featured Leo Niers and Elsa Goldberg from Franklin Templeton. Leo Niers is the EMEA Lead of the Franklin Templeton Academy, while Elsa Goldberg is a vice president and institutional portfolio manager for Templeton Global Macro.

Both speakers discussed the effect of Coronavirus on the financial markets as well as the current volatility being experienced. Leo Niers focussed on the current shocks in the investments’ world and he took a historic perspective at how past crises affected the markets, and how the latter rebounded post-shock. During his presentation, he spoke about the role emotions play in affecting decision-making abilities in the world of investments. He also outlined various strategies to better cope with market volatility.

Economic overview

Elsa Goldberg gave a global macro overview of the current economic, political and financial market conditions. She focused on the growing global risks and the intensification of worldwide uncertainty over the past decades. Whilst referring to the current Coronavirus pandemic and ensuing economic and market implications, Goldberg outlined investment strategies that could be adopted in times of crisis.

During the event, participants interacted with the two speakers and asked questions using the chat facility on the online platform.

 “MeDirect has always been at the forefront of providing investors with market information from high-quality and calibre speakers through its medirectalk events, as well as via its daily updates available on MeDirect’s website and social media platforms,” said Nicol La Ciura, Group Head of Wealth Products at MeDirect.

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