MEA launch comprehensive manual for employers

The Malta Employers’ Association has launched a comprehensive manual for employers which includes guidance on employment issues related to the virus and full information on all schemes available.

The manual includes a number of chapters with FAQs on various aspects of COVID-19 and employment. The MEA has compiled altogether the useful links and announcements which were made by government entities.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in Malta, various measures have been taken to contain the spread within the community. The global coronavirus pandemic had a negative impact on other aspects including a socio-economic impact. The government took several financial measures to assist the hardest hit businesses.

The manual will be kept constantly updated with new information and developments, the MEA said.

Further, the association has reduced 2020 subscriptions by 50% for its members.

MEA President Doris Sammut Bonnici said that the current crisis calls for solidarity and that there was pain which needs to be shared.

“There is a chain reaction which has extended from businesses who were immediately affected when the outbreak started, to others across the B2B networks. Consumer demand has also been affected due to curtailment in activity together with a fall in purchasing power which is impacting more employees and families. The ripples of this crisis spread deep and wide,” Sammut Bonnici said.

The manual may be downloaded from here.

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