MCAST urges students to make use of online learning opportunities

Online learning activity at MCAST is on the increase with lecturing staff engaged on a regular basis with students. Since the temporary closure of all educational institutions announced on the 12th March, MCAST staff have embarked on several efforts to ensure the least disruption possible to learning provision.

Over the past two weeks, lecturers have continued to keep in contact with students through the five available platforms that the College offers. During a meeting between MCAST Management and the Malta Union of Teachers, the need for students to engage with online learning provision was highlighted.

The online learning landscape offers many possibilities during a time of crisis, but this is not without difficulties. MCAST Principal James Joachim Calleja emphasised the urgency to address the needs of learners who may be facing accessibility issues. He also urged students to participate actively and lecturers to approach the management of each Institute for support and assistance.

“Technology today offers the opportunity to fight the challenging situation that COVID-19 has created through platforms of communication which we must use to keep in touch with one another but more importantly to maximise the learning experience.”

MCAST is communicating with its community through different channels and is sending regular updates through its website and social media while also emphasising the importance of reaching out to Student Support Services to ensure student wellbeing.

Students can engage with online learning through the MCAST website.

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