MBAA urges govt to safeguard business aviation jobs


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Malta Business Aviation Association (MBAA) is urging authorities to safeguard the business aviation industry which around 3,000 people whose jobs are currently at risk due to the situation caused by the spread of coronavirus.

The MBAA said in a statement that it has repeatedly contacted Transport Minister, Economy Minister, Malta Enterprise and the Civil Aviation Directorate to seeking clarification about the announced government aid.

Despite the efforts to get clarity on the eligibility of members to-date none has been forthcoming, said the association

The MBAA has stressed the importance of making the aid packages available to the more than 30 operators, maintenance organisations, aviation training and consultancies, handling and other ancillary services.

MBAA said that the Business Aviation is the largest sector of Malta’s aviation industry by a number of aircraft registered in Malta and contributes in excess of €510 million in annual economic output.

“With most worldwide airports closed, our business has shrunk by more than 75% and for some came to a complete stop. Our member employees are resident and pay social security in Malta and we instructed all our members to submit their applications for the support packages,” said the MBAA.

The association said that it recommends that business aviation flights should continue to operate in and out of Malta for repatriation flights, medical evacuations, cargo flights and essential business.