“May you move closer to the Lord during this time” – Archbishop to inmates

Archbishop Charles Scicluna augured the inmates at Corradino Correctional Facility that through the services offered by the Capuchins they would encounter God. During his homily in a mass celebrated to mark the occasion of the feast of St Stephen, the Archbishop told the inmates that the choice was theirs to make on whether they would accept God’s invitation. He stressed that we all need God’s forgiveness and that one should seek confession for their wrong doing. He thanked the Capuchins for the services they offered and augured for more vocations.

The Archbishop retold the story of Stephen, and drawing on his story he explained that the lesson to be learnt is that Stephen was a martyr, who gave his life to Jesus. He explained further that a martyr would imitate Christ and follow his teachings, even the most difficult referring to “love thy neighbor as thyself”. The Archbishop also took the opportunity to remind that many Catholics were still persecuted around the world.

Mgr Scicluna explained that it was easy to love those who loved you, and then he asked what about those who hurt you. He told those present that while one might have all the riches in the world, one could still have that person who would disturb one’s inner peace saying that would mean that one would have the best thing stolen away from oneself.

Speaking about forgiveness he said that Jesus fully knowing human weakness advises us to forgive. Archbishop Scicluna said that one need the Lord’s help in order to attain better understanding. He explained that situations which arouse anger, pain and suffering do arise however we need to forgive. Through Jesus’s help, this difficult task could be overcome Mgr Scicluna concluded.