May brought warmer-than-average temperatures

Photo by: Unsplash

May brought the meteorological spring to a close with warmer-than-average temperatures. During the month of May, the air temperature ranged between a minimum of 13.3°C recorded on the 9th day and a maximum of 32.3°C.

According to data released by the Malta International Airport, MIA, the temperature peaked on the 16th of May as the Maltese islands experienced a warm spell that lingered on for four days.

Averaging at 21.2°C, the air temperature for May exceeded the climate norm by 1.4°C.

The average sea temperature too was higher than the norm, surpassing the expected 18.0°C by 1.8°C.

A total of 286.4 hours of sunshine were recorded during the month of May, with the brightest two days of the month, the 1st and 5th, each clocking up 12.6 hours of sunshine.

According to MIA, the dullest day was the 18th of May, during which the sun made an appearance for a brief 0.8 hours.

Having produced a total of 28 mm of precipitation, May was both wetter than the climate norm, 8.5 mm, and the second-wettest month of the year so far. 97% of this total were collected on the 27th of May.

Also, May was a windswept month sustaining a mean wind speed of 10.2 knots, which is considerably higher than the 30-year climate mean of 8.6 knots. The maximum gust was recorded on the third day of the month blowing at 41 knots from the west by north-west direction.