May, an abnormal month for Maltese weather – MIA

Thunder Rumbles as the Storm Clouds Gather - Mark Warner

According to meteorologists at MIA, this year’s May weather was quite abnormal than previous.

They state that Malta had six thunderstorms in May, six times as many on previous records.

According to the weather assessments from Malta International Airport, this high number of thunder occurrences identified May 2019 as the stormiest May since 1951. This is added to the high SE winds reaching 48 knots.

In addition to thunderstorms and wind, meteorologists identified that more than double the amount of rainfall fell in May than in 2018. The weather assessments should that 19.2mm of rainfall across the archipelago, over double the 8.5mm of rainfall was seen in 2018. The first rains appeared on the 3rd May.

Despite the tempestuous weather, MIA also reported between 9 and almost 13 hours of sunshine, 289.7 in total across the month. This is apparently 10 less than is normal for this time of year.

May also say the rise in the air temperatures across the islands. What started as just over 10°C from the 8th May, soon reached just over 26°C on the 29th May.

MIA says that the air temperature was technically one degree below the normal climate temperature of 19.8°C, sitting instead at 18.3°C.  They also report that average sea temperature for May sat at 17.9°C, also one degree lower than the 18.0°C normally expected.