Mauritius residents and NGOs working hard to contain oil spill

Mauritius residents and environmental NGOs are working hard to try and reduce the damage caused by an oil spill after a ship was stranded off the coast a few days ago.

The ship MV Wakashio, owned by Japanese companies Okiyo Maritime Corporation and Nagashiki Shipping Co. Ltd., was on its way from Brazil from Singapore carrying close to 4,000 tons of fuel. At least one ton of oil has leaked into the sea.

The Indian Ocean island’s prime minister declared a state of emergency on Saturday and appealed for international help.

Wildlife workers carried dozens of baby tortoises and rare plants from an island near the spill, Ile aux Aigrettes, to the mainland.

Authorities said that this is a full-blown ecological disaster. In the meantime, environmentalists have carried dozens of tortoises and plants from an island near the oil spill to the mainland.